Topic 1: Basic Guidelines

Basic Guidelines

When talking about transacting (making on-line transactions), we refer to the skills and knowledge required to register and apply for services, buy and sell goods and services, and administer and manage transactions online.

These skills are crucial for the learner as to be able to efficiently, safely and securely use and manage online services, transactions and accounts.

For volunteer tutors, it is important to shape their classes as to cover the most important aspects of transacting, which will be analyzed further in this unit.


Register and apply for services

Registering and applying for services is an essential competence in life, when it comes to managing daily tasks. For these skills, the volunteer tutor needs to provide the learners with the competences to:

  • Set up an account online, using appropriate websites or Apps, that enables the user to buy goods or services
  • Access and use public services online, including filling in online forms


Buying and selling goods and services is necessary for the learners as to effectively adjust and integrate into the local and international digital market.

To acquire these skills, the volunteer tutor should focus in teaching the learners to:

  • Use different payment systems, such as credit/debit card, direct bank transfer, and phone accounts, to make payments for goods or services online
  • Upload documents, product descriptions and pictures when this is necessary, as to promote a selling good and service.


Online transactions are a huge part of the daily life nowadays and a crucial skill for all citizens in a society, as to effectively and actively participate in the everyday tasks.

The volunteer tutor needs to teach learners how to:

  • Upload documents and photographs when this is required to complete an online transaction
  • Fill in online forms when required to complete an online transaction
  • Manage money and transactions online and securely, such as bank accounts, through the use of websites or apps

  • Set up online accounts for public services, such as with the local council or a government department
  • Set up online accounts with retailers to order and pay for goods online, such as through Amazon or eBay
  • Use travel websites and apps to book tickets and make reservations
  • Make a GP appointment online
  • Complete online forms to apply for a television license or road tax
  • Set up and use online and telephone banking through websites or apps, keeping access information secure
  • Upload a CV to an online recruitment site
  • Complete an online application form, for example for a job