Topic 4: In Practice: Activities, Teaching Material, Tips & Ideas

In Practice: Activities, Teaching Material, Tips & Ideas

2 interactive activities proposed to foster this level skills using written and oral texts:


Using recipes is a good tool to strenghten skills of writing and reading L2 in an easy and interactive way. To write a recipe few notions are needed:

  1. Some verbs at infinite mode (to cut, to cook, to boil, to serve etc..)
  2. Some prepositions (in, from, by etc..)
  3. Some names (knife, fork, pot etc..) and ingredients (sugar, milk, water…)

Moreover it is a very good way to exchange knowledge and traditions, to have fun in a group talking and writing about own families and experiences, to try something together. Students can write down in a very simple way the recipes of their own countries and learn some italian ones. They can exchange them and try to cook to have them together.

2) LEARNING  THROUGH THE «DOUBLE INTERVIEW»  6_esercizi_grammatica_A1 (1).pdf

It is an exercise for 2 persons or groups. The task is to order questions and answers with a logic in an interview, on topics agreed (countries of origin, jobs, favourite food  etc.), learning also how to understand the different level of confidence with persons (in Italian we have TU and LEI as second singular and third singular persons in the interrogative forms).

Different combinations of questions and answers are possible and this activity could be the starting point to develop further interviews among students, with their friends and relatives, in order to practice conversation in their daily life.

This could also be the first step for a class-journal or something similar, being a very interesting and funny activity that increase its difficulties step by step.