Topic 3: Reciprocal speaking/meeting

Topic 3: Reciprocal speaking/meeting

At this stage, students should try to get to know each other through continuing dialogues starting with basic greeting expressions with asking follows up questions. (Fundamental expressions that can take place in these dialogues: adın ne / what is your name, kaç yaşındasın / how old are you, nerelisin / where are you from, mereden geliyorsun / where do you come from, burada mı yaşıyorsun / do you live here, nereye gidiyorsun / where are you going, kaç kardeşsin / how many siblings do you have, anne-baban kim / who are your parents…)    

In order to teach reciprocal speaking expressions lots of listening/observation activities can be used.

Activities to develop speaking skills should also be conducted.                   


First a meeting dialogue between the trainer and student later on among students can be carried out.

Apart from these types of listening and speaking exercises activities such as reading/writing words and sentences and filling in the blanks  in dialogues can be carried out.