Topic 3: My family

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My family

     At this stage the student should learn how to express the degree of relationship of his/her family members in Turkish.

     The expressions showing the degree of relationship in Turkish are; anne/mother, baba/father, kız çocuk/daughter, erkek çocuk/son, kardeş/sibling, abi/brother, abla/sister, nine/nana, dede/papa, büyükanne/grandmother, büyükbaba/grandfather, teyze/aunt, teyze kızı/oğlu/cousin, enişte/uncle, dayı/uncle, dayı kızı/oğlu/cousin, hala/aunt, hala kızı/oğlu/cousin, amca/uncle, amca kızı/oğlu/cousin, bacanak/brother-in-law, kaynana/mother-in-law, kayınbaba/father-in-law, kayınço/brother-in-law, kayınbirader/brother-in-law, etc.

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You can draw a family tree to show relations at the same time you can teach the Turkish equivalent of relationship expressions in their own language.

     The target group who has faced difficulties might have lost people in their families. You should teach the Turkish condolence expressions without hurting their feelings. They should be able to correctly understand the good will when people they meet in Turkey use these expressions.