Topic 3 : Community based learning skills

Community based learning skills

What is it?

Community based learning is a teaching strategy that bridges academic theory and real world practice. It promotes learners; academic learning and civic development while simultaneously addressing real world problems, community needs and interest.

Main Approach to community based learning skills

Contributors described many community-based initiatives in which innovative participatory ways for inclusion and engagement are actively promoted, such as museums, human libraries, sharing libraries, time-banks, foodbanks, and so on.

Most of these initiatives represent community-based educational projects with a transformative power, based on values of solidarity, humanitarianism, mutual help, and the common good of community members’ well-being. At the same time, these community-based initiatives represent the best way to work toward key elements emphasised by educators:

sustainable peace;

learning to manage cultural, ethnic and religious diversity;

valuing migration as ‘a positive choice vs a necessity’ and as a means ‘for the enrichment of culture and civilisation