Topic 3: Best Practices, Do’s and Don’ts

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques​


  • Use interactive approaches to learning, promoting active use of the skills in transacting, including real-life examples and case studies and practical exercises on mobile electronic devices, which are more accessible to learners.
  • Regularly check learners’ understanding, learning, thinking, comprehending and processing, through trying to conclude to the level of understanding of learners rather than asking directly.
  • Encourage students to continue building their skills in transacting, through daily activities based on their needs.



  • Stand in front of the class and just lecture but try to be active and interactive.
  • Assume that lack of response means lack of interest, as it is may occurred by the language barrier, the migration status, etc., but keep a friendly and inviting way.
  • Don’t act surprised if students are lost when you haven’t clearly written and explained step-by-step directions.