Topic 3: Best Practices and Do’s & Don’ts

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

  • * The most important point here is to be patient and kind towards people. Necessary time and attention should be dedicated while teaching.
  • The person should read numbers from 0 to 9 in a mixed order and should be asked questions therefore reinforcing repetitions should be done.
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  • Simple addition and subtraction in writing should be done with the numbers up to 20. Thus, familiarity towards symbols and operations would be established.
  • Examples would be given on hour and minute hand and all hours would be asked respectively. The hours asked would be noted to check on.
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  • Mixed samples are given in the analog and digital clock and those should be asked to the person. The hours asked would be noted to check on. This completes the exercises.
  • The directions aimed to be taught pointed with arrows. These directions would be noted.