Topic 3: Best Practices and Do’s & Don’ts

Best Practices and Do's & Don'ts


  • Encourage learners to attend, through engaging students in up scaling learning activities and through introducing new and interesting material
  • Encourage learners to participate, through making participation low-risk and high-reward
  • Encourage learners to reflect and review, through suggesting material for reviewing and encouraging reflection.
  • Adjust learning activities on learners’ interests.
  • Give the opportunity to shyer learners to participate in classroom, through creating activities that allow discussions through small groups, or by using exercise and activities that permit a good preparation by learners.
  • Foster reading motivation through taking opportunities for discussion regarding books, movies etc.




  • Don’t just look up vocabulary words in the dictionary, in order to build vocabulary.


oRelate new word to already known words.

oUse vocabulary strategies that promote active engagement of learners

oPromote learners’ discussion

  • Don’t just promote unsupported independent reading, this alone does not foster reading achievement.


oKeep coaching and feedback to learners in order to support text selection and reading strategies.