Topic 2: Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

  • The numbers up to 9 should be printed and the numbers should be counted up to 9 respectively. It should be provided to write and read respectively.
  • The numbers from 1 to 20 should be printed and counted by the individual. Individuals who are able to do so, should also count backwards from 20.
  • The number of objects linked with the numbers should be shown (e.g. pens, tables).
  • Addition and subtraction should be done with the linked objects and these should be noted. While noting usage of such symbols‘+’, ‘-’, ‘=’ should be encouraged.
  • It is necessary to show how to read the time on the digital clock and give examples of those. After the examples are given, simple exercises should be done and all o’clocks should be read in order.
  • “Hour and minute hand” should be introduced in analog clock. The position of the hour and minute hand should be explained in the display of the hours.
  • While teaching directions, the person should be kept active and examples should be provided through concrete objects.