Topic 2: Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Interactive and innovative strategy:

a)Choose the most effective materials in the class/group: boards, pens, books, laptops or mobiles. Include also bodies, voices, pictures, food as teaching opportunities in your program. Verbal and non verbal communication with teacher can be a powerful learning opportunity for your students, especially when they have to learn Italian.

b)Foster the group works, exchanging the components and trying to value each member for his/her skills and capacities.

c)Keep the rhytm of the class always open and horizontal. If not needed for learning purposes, mobiles should be switched off and conversation developed respectful and equitable especially if the class is composed by men and women, and/or by people with different religious backgrounds.

Humoristic approach:
Learning in a funny and easy way is very effective, especially with adults that may have different backgrounds and life-stories. Humour could be a tool to develop learning contents and tools, written and oral ones, individually and in groups. It can stimulate the learning process and revitalizing the rythm of the lessons