Topic 2: Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Entry level 1 – Flexible and Student-oriented strategy:

  1. a) Student will be your center. No matter what are your expectations, you must focus on the students and their needs. You will be their guide AND you must be guided from their needs.
  2. b) Prepare lessons and modules according to a).
  3. c) You must be able to review and change your lessons according to a).
  4. d) Teach your students that learning includes difficulties and mistakes. Failures are important in the learning process. Students who do not fail do not learn. Mistakes are an opportunity for you as teacher to work better and teach more efficiently.

Gaming as approach:

Gaming is a very horizontal and interactive way of learning. It must not be the only methodology of teaching, but it is very effective in terms of group building, exchanges and class envinronment. Games should be chosen basing on students ages , attitudes and language skills.