Topic 2: Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

  • Promote a friendly-conversation environment, such as by creating mixed-student small groups to help building sharing and new friendships.
  • Guide and support learners in composing texts independently and creatively.
  • Conduct writing conferences individually or in small groups of learners.
  • Keep monitoring learners’ writing in order to identify strengths and weaknesses, and set future goals.
  • Provide opportunities for learners to self-assess, i.e. self evaluating of reading, writing, listening, self-correcting.
  • Provide feedback reviewing and commenting on learners’ drafts.
  • Encourage students’ conversations about their writing, building their capacity to talk about their texts, their choices etc.
  • Evoke discussion, curiosity, questioning, analysis among learners in order to make learning more attractive.
  • Try to identify similarities and differences between learners in the classroom, through encouraging the share of learners’ personal values and beliefs. This will create a sense of belonging.