Topic 2: Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

Strategies, Approaches and Techniques

  • Use learners with better level of understanding in the classroom as a starting point in learning activities.
  • Use cultural, linguistic and educational backgrounds of students in learning process.
  • Integrate in the learning process relevant artefacts, diagrams, documentaries, films, maps, software, wall charts etc. as references and extra resources for learners.
  • Provide word lists and glossaries for learners as references and extra resources.
  • Challenge students with demanding activities, beyond their abilities and support them for successfully implement them.
  • Take advantage of ICT resources, through making use of them in a regular basis.
  • Promote learner’s judgment in classroom, through comparing and contrasting texts by considering their purpose, audience, structure, language choices and added value to the area under investigation.
  • Make use of metacognitive strategies of learning, i.e. self evaluating of reading, writing, listening, getting involved in the process of identifying difficulties and problems, as well as self-correcting, reviewing and commenting on learners’ drafts.