Topic 2: Climate, Seasons, Weather Conditions

Climate, Seasons, Weather Conditions

We should inform the individual about the climate and weather conditions in Turkey and especially in the area s/he lives in. S/he will develop his/her living conditions accordingly.

     We can suggest clothes, food and drinks, places to go in accordance with the seasons, weather conditions and climates.

The expressions and situations to be taugh while introducing climates and weather conditions are:

-Seasons (zemheri/winter, sonbahar/fall/autumn, ilkbahar/spring, yaz/summer)

-Expressions of day, month and year (dün/yesterday, bugün/today, yarın/tomorrow, evvelsi gün/the day before yesterday; gelecek ay/next month, geçen ay/last month; geçen yıl/last year…)

-Dates and hours

-Times of day (şafak/dawn, sabah/morning, öğle/noon, öğleden sonra/afternoon, ikindi/mid-afternoon, akşam/evening, yatsı/after-supper, gece/night, gece yarısı/midnight…)