Topic 2: Address description

Address description

  We should first teach certain concepts in order to teach someone to give an address description. These concepts are:

  • Prepositions of directions (kuzey/north, güney/south, doğu/east, batı/west; ileri/forward, geri/backward, arka/back, ön/front; sağ/right, sol/left…)
  • …’nın yanında/next to, …’nın arkasında/behind,
  • …’dan dönünce/take a turn from
  • 100 metre sonra/in a 100 metres, 20 adım yürüyünce/after 20 steps
  • Informative texts on signboards

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    After teaching certain expressions a street map can be used as a material and students can practice giving directions on it.

    These exercises should not be limited to the map also real life descriptions should be made.

     Expressions and prepositions of directions that are taught can be reinforced with pictures.

     For example, you can give a picture of a car with an object on its right side and expect the student to write «The object is on the right of the car».