Topic 1: Where do I live?


     One should learn the basic expressions that can introduce the environment in which he / she lives.

     For this purpose, it is important that the teacher brings along real life environment description speeches to class. The trainer should teach through making the students listen, watch, read and write the existing examples.

     They should be able to describe the house,dormitory, hotel, etc. in which they live; and to talk about their street and the important locations (park, museum, bank, market…) within this  «environment».


  • … sokağının … apartmanında yaşıyorum. Bu ev 3 katlı. Evimi çok seviyorum. Evime … tl kira ödüyorum. İki oda bir salonu var. Geniş bir mutfağı var.

The bold faced words in this examples constitute the concept of «house».

  • Yaşadığım yerin önünde bir market var, çaprazında ise tarihi bir müze bulunuyor.

As for this example, they describe the buildings near by with direction expressions.