Topic 1: Competences assessment tools and skills for teachers and educators

Competences assessment tools and skills for teachers and educators

Teaching Style
The teachers’ use of the target language is appropriate and accurate.
Teachers are aware of differences among course participants’ that may affect their learning, such as social, cultural and educational background, level of literacy, and learning style..

A high level of linguistic and cultural awareness is demonstrated by teachers in their lessons.

Teachers take into account and allow space for learners to apply their competence in other languages, for example by encouraging reflection on different ways of expressing related concepts in different languages.

Teachers use a variety of techniques and organise participants into different working groups or pairs when appropriate and manage changes of activity efficiently

Teachers demonstrate ability to:
present models and examples in the target language well and give clear information about the language and culture when needed
organise and elicit useful language and communication practice
balance the needs of the group and individuals
Teachers take account of the interests and needs of individual learners in their sessions

There is a friendly and confident relationship between learners and teachers/educators

During the session, improvements in the communicative competence of learners’ show that they are progressing.