Topic 1: Basic Guidelines

Basic Guidelines

When talking about problem-solving skills, we refer to the skills and knowledge required to find solutions to problems using digital tools and online services.

The problem-solving skills are essential for the learners as to be more competent, effective and efficient in solving common problems that frequently appear in the daily life.

Volunteer tutors are guided to create a curricula, according to the most important aspects of problem-solving skills, which will be further presented in this unit.


Using digital tools for problem solving:

Using the digital tools for problem solving has been proved an effective way to solve any kind of problem, related to solving digital and/or other problems. As for the learner to acquire the necessary problem-solving skills, the volunteer tutor needs to provide the competences to:

  • Use the Internet tools, such as the browsers Google, Firefox, Internet Explorer to find information that helps the learner solve problems
  • Use the Internet to find sources of help for a range of activities


Using online services for problem solving:

  • Use chat facilities (where available) on websites to help them solve problems
  • Use online tutorials, FAQs and advice forums to solve problems and improve their skills in using devices, software and applications


Practical examples and exercises:

  • Use the Internet to find specific information related to life tasks that need to be carried out, for example finding a recipe, or finding information that helps plan travel
  • Use the help, FAQ section or chat facility of a manufacturer’s website or other related content to work out how to fix an issue with a device
  • Find out how to do something by using a tutorial video such as tutorial that can be found on YouTube