Topic 1: Basic Guidelines

Basic Guidelines

Listening and Communicating

  • say what I like and don’t like
  • understand information about jobs
  • ask for and give information about work
  • talk about your skills and job skills
  • understand some phrases for job searching
  • phone to ask for an application form
  • spell my name and give my address on the phone
  • introduce myself in formal setting
  • ask for help and speak to people at the job centre and at work
  • tell others about my job search
  • listen and understand information in a job interview
  • answer simple job interview questions
  • say hello and goodbye to work colleagues
  • have a conversation with work colleagues


  • correctly spell words for jobs and workplaces
  • read and understand simple job adverts
  • read and complete a simple job application form


  • Key vocabulary – jobs and workplace (chef, packer, kitchen, factory, full-time, temporary); times; verbs and verb phrases describing job actions (clean, work with money); vocabulary related to the Job Centre and job searching (CV, job advert, look online, universal job match);
  • Structures – ‘I like/ don’t like …’; present simple 1st and 2nd person for daily routines (‘I start work at …’); ‘How much’; ‘I can/ I am good at + …ing; ‘I was a … for … …’; ‘I need (help with) …’; ‘Would you like a drink?’; ‘Have you got …’; ‘I’m going …ing’; ‘I’ve got a/an …’; ‘I want to be a/an …’Functions – saying what like/ don’t like; describing job skills; asking for information; reading job adverts; filling in application forms; describing previous jobs; asking for help; greeting and leave taking with colleagues; offering and accepting; discussing free time with colleagues; asking for permission; describing future plans