Topic 1: Basic Guidelines

Basic Guidelines

Listening and Communicating

  • Key vocabulary – times of the day (12 hour clock), am / pm, days of the week, months of the year, key verbs in relation to daily routines
  • Structures – present simple 1st person to describe routines, contractions
  • Functions – describing daily routines, clarifying


  • recognise and form letters
  • differentiate letters (e.g. between y & g, w & v, a & d)
  • recognise upper and lower case letters
  • write on lined paper (on a straight line and in a straight line)


  • make simple statements of fact about me and my family
  • maintain a short spoken transaction
  • describe my daily routine
  • read, understand and say time in 12 hour clock
  • understand and say days of the week
  • understand and say months of the year

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