Activity 1

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The trainer asks participants the following questions:

  • What are the rights and obligations of migrants?
  • Do they think human rights apply to all migrants?
  • What human rights can they name?
  • Can they name any international instruments related to the rights of migrants?
  • What they believe that migrant workers’ rights are?

At this point the trainer does not check the answers but asks the participants to put aside their answers until later.*

Following this, the trainer project the following videos:


Refugee Rights, provided by UNHCR

Migrant Workers' Rights

Note: It is recommended that the trainer emphasizes that migrants, just like any other citizens, are obliged to respect the legislation in place, their access to rights might be conditioned by rules and regulations – such as their residence status – that do not affect the overall population.

It is important to underline that understanding the complexities around migrants’ access to certain rights does not mean that migrants enjoy a form of preferential/ special treatment.