Unit 3 Entry Level 3

Unit 3

The Unit 3 will provide learner the basic tools and teaching strategies on these learning sub-goals:

Listening and Communicating
Identify and extract relevant information and detail in straightforward explanations
Make requests and ask concise questions using appropriate language in different contexts
Listen to and respond appropraitely to other points of view, respecting conventions and turn taking.

Read correctly long words
Identify, understand and extract main points and ideas in and from texts
Understand organisational features and use them to locate relevant information (e.r. contents, index, menus, tabs and links)

Writing – spelling, punctuation and grammar
Use a range of punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, question marks, exclamation marks, commas)
Form irregular plurals
Use mostly correct grammar (e.g. subject-verb agreement, consistent use of tense)
Spell correctly long words