Unit 2 National legislation, policy framework for migrants

Source: www.pexels.com

Teaching methodology:

Trainers are encouraged to familiarize learnes with each specific topic, through:

  • Introducing and providing an overview of National legislation and policy framework for migrants, tailoring and enriching the content according to the learners country contexts.

Source: www.pexels.com

Source: www.pexels.com

The EU and its member states are intensifying efforts to establish an effective, humanitarian and safe European migration policy. 

The EU has adopted various sets of rules and frameworks to manage legal migration flows for asylum seekers, highly skilled workers, students and researchers, seasonal workers, and family reunification.

In parallel, Member States have established legislation frameworks and policies treating with foreigners, with asylum, integration and nationality policies, as well as anti-discrimination etc., in order to deal with migration issues.

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