Unit 2 Entry level 2

Entry level 2

Learners are expected to be able to use the knowledge and skills listed to recognise a simple problem and obtain a solution. A simple problem is one which requires working through one step or process

Using numbers and the number system – whole numbers and decimals

  • Read, write, order and compare numbers up to 100
  • Recognize and sequence odd and even numbers up to 100
  • Recognize and interpret symbols +, -, x, / and = appropriately
  • Know the number of hours in a day and weeks in a year. Be able to name and sequence

Using common measures, shape and space

  • Calculate money with pence up to the pound and in whole pounds of multiple items and write the correct currency symbols (€ )
  • Read and record time in common date formats, and read time displayed on analogue clocks in hours, half hours and quarter hours, and understand hours from a 24 – hour digital clock
  • Use appropriate positional vocabulary to describe position and direction including between, inside, outside, middle, below, top, forwards and backwards

Handling information and data

  • Extract information from lists, tables, diagrams and bar charts
  • Take information from one format and represent the information in another format including use of bar charts