Unit 2 Entry Level 2

Unit 2


Unit 2: Entry Level 2, will provide trainers (volunteer learners) with basic guidelines, tools, strategies, approaches, learning techniques and methodologies as for the final participants (migrants) to be able to speak, listen and communicate read and write clearly, accurately, confidently and with effectiveness. Learners should

with some direction and guidance be able to apply these functional skills to informal and in some formal contexts, in familiar situations. The following areas will be covered:

Listening and Communicating:

  • Identify and extract the main information and detail from short


  • Make requests and ask clear questions appropriately in different contexts
  • Clearly express straightforward information and communicate feelings and opinions on a range of straightforward topics


  • Read correctly basic words
  • Understand main points in texts
  • Read and understand sentences with more than one clause
  • Use illustrations, images and captions to locate information

Writing – spelling, punctuation and grammar:

  • Use basic punctuation correctly (e.g. full stops, capital letters,

questions and exclamation marks)

  • Form regular plurals
  • Spell correctly simple words
  • Complete a form asking for personal information (e.g. first

name, surname, address, postcode, age, date of birth)

  • Use adjectives and simple linking words in the appropriate way