Unit 1 Entry Level 1

Unit 1


Unit 1: Entry Level 1, will provide trainers (volunteer learners) with basic guidelines, tools, strategies, approaches, learning techniques and methodologies as for the final participants (migrants) to be able to speak, listen and communicate read and write clearly accurately, confidently and with effectiveness in Greek language, in the following areas:

Listening and Communicating:

– Say names of the letter of the alphabet

– Follow simple instructions, asking them to be repeated if necessary

– Make clear statements about basic information and communicate feelings and opinions on straightforward topics


– Read basic words correctly

– Read simple sentences containing one clause

– Understand a short piece of text on a simple subject

Writing – spelling, punctuation and grammar:

– Punctuate simple sentences with a capital letter and full stop

– Use lower case letters when there is no reason to use capital letters

– Spell correctly basic entry level words

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