Module 7

Learning Objectives

Literacy refers to an individual’s ability to read and write, and it is important that the teacher, who works on this goal dealing with adult migrants, be enabled with effective and innovative methods and tools to be really effective in the learning outcome of his/her activity. Few skills are as relevant when it comes to individual education and this is especially relevant when this refer to third countries citizens. Mastery of literacy skills in the language(s) of the host country is considered a key element for the successful integration of immigrants, especially adults.

The issues of integration and adaptation of foreigners have emerged as being crucial for the immigrants themselves and for the maintenance of the host society. Linguistic integration and mastery of literacy skills in the language(s) of the host country are considered a key element among many success factors in integration.

Without being able to communicate, read and write in the language(s) of the country of destination, it is very hard to get a job, receive further education, or build up community relationships and literacy skills are essential to the life in societies.

This module is aimed to support volunteers who will teach Italian to adult migrants and the goal is providing volunteer teachers with the needed tools and methods in order to provide Italian literacy skills to learners, supporting them in the new environment and make for them possible social and professional participation through literacy in the hosting language.

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