Module 2

Learning Objectives


The current module aims to provide trainers/ volunteers who will train migrants with knowledge and feedback regarding the legislation and policy framework concerning migration, both in European and national level. The module targets to introduce these policies to participants and provide the basic input for further investigation.

In particular, through the present module participants will:

  • Enhance their knowledge on the Integration European Agenda on Migration
  • Familiarize with National policies and legislation framework dealing with migration issues
  • Raise awareness on the rights and responsibilities of migrants, as well as on the legislation framework they derive from.

General teaching tips

  • Trainers will need to be familiar with the detailed content of this certain module.
  • They are encouraged to tailor this content to their particular audiences (learners) and country contexts. In some cases, this might just mean adding relevant local examples and applying the information to the local context throughout the training.
  • It is advised that the training course is made as interactive and participatory as possible.
  • To enhance effectiveness of the learning process, different techniques to encourage active participants’ involvement should be used, such as asking them to share personal experiences, stories and beliefs, posing additional questions and presenting dilemmas.
  • It is important that trainers use their judgement and take into account participants cultural norms.